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Spiritual Adventure Guide

Reading the Tipitaka is a spiritual adventure; a spiritual quest; a form of prayer; a type of meditation; a chance to sit at the very foot of the Living Buddha. Reading the Tipitaka often leads to a sense of awe and wonder, and to feelings of transcendence and profound compassion. New Guide can help with the adventure. — Matthew Meghaprasara

New Guide to the Tipitaka is a reference for everyday readers, students or seekers who want a better understanding of the entire Tipitaka—a more than 2,500 year old collection of the Buddha's Teachings.

New Guide presents both a bird's eye view of the whole Tipitaka and its individual components, along with detailed summaries of thousands of suttas and hundreds of the Buddha's parables. New Guide to the Tipitaka also includes Buddhism By The Numbers. If you want a handy pocket version of just Buddhism By The Numbers you can get one here.

Whether you are casually browsing, on a reading program, or following a planned course of study you will find New Guide to the Tipitaka informative, inspiring, and indispensable.

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